5 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Content Writer VA

Should you or shouldn’t you hire a content writer VA? Nowadays, business owners and online marketers find themselves having less and less time to create high-quality content. The reason being, this task requires not only writing skills but also time to do research. Often, they realize that writing is not as simple as throwing a few words together and waiting around for them to succeed, so they look for external help.

The virtual assistant (VA) position has become quite popular in recent years. VAs can do a wide variety of tasks depending on their skillset. In particular, a content writer VA can help support your sales and marketing efforts. To enlighten you a bit, we’ve put together a list of five fundamental reasons why you should hire a content writer VA.


Why You Should Hire a Content Writer VA


  1. A Different Point of View


Most of the time, CEOs are too focused on their own products that they fail to see the big picture. They get caught up in the overused sales jargon and marketing speeches that aren’t that effective anymore. And while there is no other person in the world that knows a business better than its owner, a new set of eyes will help you find the blind spots.


A good content writer will offer you a different perspective and plan of action. He or she will take a keen interest in your business, will research it, will work hard to understand it, and will create appealing content that will make it stand out.


  1. Time-saving


If you were to ask any business owner why the blog section of their website is not active, the answer will always be the same: “I don’t have enough time”. Well, this problem can be solved easily: hire a content writer! 


Not only will a virtual assistant have enough time to write the right content for you, but he/she will do it much faster than you ever possibly could. Meanwhile, you free your schedule and get the chance to focus on other essential aspects of your business (such as customer support and satisfaction).


  1. High-quality and Relevant Content


Content writers dedicate their professional life to being creative. In their years of experience, they have tested the waters and had the chance to work with various niches. They understand that in order to make a brand stand out and keep their target audience interested, relevant and inspiring content needs to be provided constantly. Writers have to prove their efficiency and worth with every task they complete, therefore, they will always be motivated to be excellent at their job.


  1. Faster Delivery


Don’t forget you are hiring a professional. While some writing tasks will take you forever to finish, an experienced writer can deliver the same in a matter of hours. Content writers will always find ways of keeping themselves motivated to complete a task ASAP because they have the freedom of choosing their own working space. Good VAs understand how important it is to prove their speed and reliability.


  1. It Is Cost-effective


We understand. When you’re running a business on a tight budget, getting some extra help might be problematic. The good news is, hiring a content writer doesn’t require exorbitant prices. If you don’t have the necessary funds to hire a full-time employee, you can avail of our affordable packages here at Virtual Helper 247. For more information, please click here.


Aside from content writers, we also have web developers, graphic designers, video editors, data entry VAs, and SEO specialists. If you have any questions about our virtual assistant services, send us a message through our contact page.




When you hire a content writer VA, you’ll not only get someone to help you with writing tasks, but you’ll also have a great addition to your team. Find someone who is eager to learn more about your business and is experienced in copywriting, SEO, and many others (because content writing is in fact, a bit of everything). By doing so, you can keep your business moving forward.