How To Build a Strong Brand Image

There’s a lot of little mistakes that businesses make when it comes to brand image and these little mistakes can have huge implications on the success or failure of your brand. In today’s post we’re going to explore what some of those mistakes are and how to avoid them, as well as touch on what the right things to do are, and how to implement them in your brand image strategy.

This one’s too vague, this one’s too complicated, but this one is just right
Two common mistakes that brands make are falling into the trap of being either too vague with their branding, or over complicating it and confusing consumers by extension. It’s all about getting the right balance. Establish what your brand story is followed by your 3 Ps: promise, position and personality.

Once you have established your brand story; how the project came to fruition, when it was founded and any other important back notes that will give you a strong foundation to start developing your three Ps.

Introducing the Three Ps
What is your brand promising consumers? Quality, reliability, durability? What’s your brand’s promise and position? With this comes your brand message, ideals, mantra, culture and commitment. Finally, what is your brand’s personality? Much like a human being, a successful brand has its own individual personality. It has a tone of voice, a favourite colour scheme, a cohesive theme to what content it likes to post about and so on.

Giving your brand a unique personality that is in line with the expectations and needs of your target audience is a vital way of boosting brand engagement. To assure these elements are executed well be certain you know your audience to a T. You can create any kind of personality you want, whether it proves successful relies heavily how much time and effort you have put into developing that persona to fit your demographics’ image of what your brand means to them. This will ultimately shape not only your brand’s personality but its logo, fonts, colours, images – it’s endless.

Weigh up your pros and cons
Another common mistake made by brands is rolling out brand updates poorly. Whether you’re a new brand trying to establish yourself within the industry or an old brand planning a reinvention, choosing how to roll out those vital messages and changes is key. Pick your timing and how you reveal them carefully. If you’re an existing brand be aware that changes can be detrimental to your already existing and loyal audience, and make sure you have well and truly weighed up the pros and cons before making any drastic brand changes.

Pro tip for new brands: capitalise on your opportunities
If you’re about to launch your brand-spanking-new business, make sure that you’re getting coverage across a broad spectrum of media outlets. Be sure to tap into as much digital resources as possible. There is countless valuable opportunities for exposure for your brand across digital platforms. From online magazines to blogs, social media to digital news outlets – get your brand on their blogroll stat. Furthermore, make sure you’re being pro-active on social media and digital platforms as well, committing to a strong social media presence from day dot is essential. Additionally, businesses often go into brand image development naive to the gravity it holds.

Make sure that when you are developing your brand image you are conscious of how much a strong or weak brand image will affect your company’s business. Cover your bases, don’t cut corners and make your brand image strategy is in line with your business’s short-term and long-term goals.