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Expert Virtual Assistant for Keyword Research

An integral part of your business’s marketing mix, search engine marketing (SEM) encompasses both paid and organic methods to increase the position on search engine results pages (SERPs). One of the most important parts of this type of marketing is deciding which keyword phrases you would like to rank for. There are some that are nigh on impossible to achieve a first page ranking for without spending a fortune (think very common terms such as ‘cars’, etc.). So, it’s important to do some research and ascertain what phrases fit your business offering, that also see a significant amount of searches too. This can be quite a confusing venture, so if you’d like some professional assistance in this department, Virtual Helper 247 can offer a helping hand.

On-point keyword research backed by extensive experience

Utilising the innovative virtual assistant services that are provided by VH will give your business the boost that it needs, while streamlining the way you conduct your business. The keyword research professionals that we have representing us have been assessed well in order to ensure total client satisfaction with the project’s end results. To guarantee that you receive a quality finished product within the required timeline, we also assign you a manager who supervises the entire project and pushes the representative should the need arise.

Our services offered don’t just stop there, either. We have access to skilled assistants who are able to assist you with everything from project management to the creation of your site using WordPress and a long list more. Bring your entire business online and take advantage of our virtual experts!


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