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Project Management

An Experienced Project Management Virtual Assistant

Without the proper guidance and understanding of scope, the resulting confusion can lead to overshooting the budget and/or timeline. This then results in generally unhappy stakeholders and can be damaging to your business. If you’d like to safeguard this from happening to you, it’s important to set up good project management, but when you count the labour costs involved with employing a full-timer (vacation pay, etc.) it can end up costing a great deal of money. Thankfully, Virtual Helper 247 has the perfect alternative for you.

Proper project management solutions to cater for your specific business

No two businesses are the same, which can also be said for projects too. Coming to VH when you’re in need of a dedicated virtual assistant’s management of your project has many benefits, including:

  • The ability to communicate with us 24/7 through Skype
  • A specially-assigned manager to make sure everything that’s been requested will be sent through to you in a timely manner, and it’s top quality
  • You’ll reduce overheads in comparison to adding staff to your payroll
  • Post-consultation will leave your business running more smoothly and efficiently
  • There’ll be no confusion regarding budget and time involved with your project

There are several more advantages to hiring a virtual assistant to deal with your project management, so get on board with VH today!

Delivering our clients a variety of industry professionals

When you come to VH, you open up the doors to so many different opportunities due to the varying industries and jobs that our network of representatives cover. Maybe you’re interested in having a website built? We have access to WordPress experts. Or you might be looking for assistance in website design and maintenance of your existing site – we can help you with that, too. Feel free to browse through all of the specialties we can provide.

Put us to the test on a trial basis

Utilise our month by month option and if you don’t feel it’s working for you, you’re able to cancel without any hassles. We have yearly packages that offer big discounts once you’ve seen how impressive the results are.


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