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Without a customer base, a business simply cannot function. Customers really are the life-blood of your business, and the more you have, the higher your profits will soar. But where do you find them? While cold-calling remains a quality lead generation technique, it simply cannot be the only road that businesses use anymore. The introduction of the World Wide Web drastically increased our ability to connect with prospective customers, weeding out those who had no real interest in the product or service that was being offered and delivering only qualified leads.

Virtual lead generation services

There are so many different ways to generate leads online, including (but not limited to):

A newsletter

For many years businesses have been using this method to show their in-depth knowledge of their industry, sharing the latest news and information directly to their subscribers. As users have to actively enter their details to subscribe, it’s an easy way to separate your captive audience with other users.


You’re offering free information in a visual way that can be created as amusingly as you like. Infographics have a tendency to be shared (provided they contain interesting material). Making sure your brand and URL are easily distinguishable is key.

Live chat

Nobody wants to be stuck on hold to find out the answer to a simple question. Adding a live chat feature to your site allows your audience to feel as though they have a personal connection with your brand, instead of interacting with a machine.

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There are so many more strategies to build your prospective client numbers, too. If you have found yourself lacking ideas to do so, speak with us at Virtual Helper 247. We’ll connect you with a skilled lead generation virtual assistant to turbocharge your sales figures. Feel free to take advantage of our month-to-month package that’s free of obligations and try us out today!


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