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Creating great content is a fantastic way to promote your business and brand. This includes everything from blogs and the copy on your site through to infographics and video. But creating compelling and engaging content is a waste of time without a solid marketing strategy in place to get it out to current and potential customers. As a business owner, chances are you’re working incredibly hard across several different jobs. You wear many hats, as the saying goes, and as a result can find yourself overworked and without enough hours in your day. So, if you’re lacking the time and/or specific knowledge and experience to properly put together a video marketing plan, it’s best to speak to a virtual assistant professional.

Marketing services to promote your video effectively

It can be quite a challenge putting together a successful strategy without proper marketing education and experience, or access to the appropriate tools. When you speak to us at Virtual Helper 247, you’ll connect with a professional in the field who will take care of everything from creating distribution schedules and publishing the video across all channels to optimisation services and more. Along with the video marketing virtual assistant assigned to you will be a manager whose job it is to ensure delivered results in a timely manner of a high standard.

The services don’t stop there, though. We are proud to provide personnel from all different industries including (but not limited to) video editing experts who will put together something sensational and programming gurus adept with various programming languages. All of the services that our assistants provide are done so with the highest level of skill and professionalism, so you can be certain of an outstanding outcome.

Find out more and take advantage of our monthly plan

If anything remains unclear regarding what we do or how it works, please use our query form to get in touch with us, and we’ll be sure to reply as soon as possible. We even provide a plan that’s on a monthly basis (obligation-free), so you have the ability to trial us for a month to determine whether we walk the walk.


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