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Published 5/6/2015 – Virtual Helper 247 Plans to Scale from 70 Staff to 150 by end of 2015
Virtual Helper 247 is an Australian-owned company that provides top notch and professional virtual assistant services to the global business community. Virtual Helper 247 makes everyone’s daydreams of having someone else to do all their daily tasks a reality. They provide virtual assistants that business owners can easily get in touch with in a snap! Okay, maybe not a literal snap of a finger but a quick click on the mouse or a tap on their mobile devices, which is much easier!

With operations in the Philippines and Hong Kong, over 70 staff, and more than 700 monthly paying customers and growing, Virtual Helper 247 has definitely become one of the fastest growing VA services company today since their launch in August 2014 that offers web-based services at reasonably priced rates on a monthly basis without a contract.

But this doesn’t just stop here, Virtual Helper 247 plans to increase staff count to 150 by end of 2015 and possibly 300 staff by mid 2016.