I have been using Virtual Helper 24/7 pretty much from the beginning. I have had great results, and that is only increasing! The staff are helpful, polite, and communicate well.
Kim Lambert
Most amazing Va service you will find. Their already trained to do what ever it is you need in your business. Very professional. A must have service if you really want to succeed!! (Tony Guy from North Carolina, United States of America)
Tony Guy
This was my first time actually using a VA service and I must say that VH247 is very kind and courteous and always willing to help. The managers are always there and ready to assist you. I'm more used to being a bit more independent and dealing with freelancers and particular deadlines instead of VAs and a weekly time. So, I needed something a bit different, personally. However, with that said, I'm sure it works great for others who may not do business the way I do business. So, check them out and see if they meet your expectations and are a good fit for you. Thanks VH247 for helping me!
Kelly Morris
Jonathan was very, very helpful resolving my site's crawl issues and was quick to respond to me about every concern. Thanks so much for putting him on my project and I would like to work with him again. Thanks so much, VH247!
Mindy Koch
Randy Bonachita was great helping me with my problems and I think our communiation was the best of anyone at virtual helper. Randy made some some suggestions for projects that really made sense....projects that can be impemented quickly. Thanks, Randy.you're the best! Ray Corbett
Robert Corbett
I was assigned Vincent for my videos and I was very pleased with his communication and his skills in making videos. He was extremely helpful and I would like to work with him again.
Victoria Shortland
Virtual Helper offers fantastic service. The staff are very efficient and helpful (Eulie) and work was delivered promptly. Can recommend their services with confidence!
Carol Dippenaar
Sheryl has been a great writer for some of my articles. They are written consistently and well. Thanks for the great job!
Boris Hrbacek
I asked for a review of keywords for my specific industry and they were able to get it done.
Kimberly Deas
I have only been using this service so far. Some work is very good. And I am working with a few people to bring the rest of the work to the standard that I know they are capable of. I will probably update this review in a few weeks when we have ironed out the way we work together.
Daniel Vaudrin
For the first two months with VH247, nothing but positive outcome on completed projects. Special mention goes to Sheryl (awesome thorough article writing), Bren (great logos and patience on revisions), Arnel (fast work on Wordpress cloning project), Krizzia (persona bio creation project) and lastly Clarisse for her project management and responses. All five star workers. All have professionalism, delivered great work and had wonderful attitudes. Keep up the good work everyone and look forward to continued work with more VAs and the service in the future.
Tam Shelton
I've just gotten started with Virtual Helper ... I want to say excellent work! I am pleased . I worked with the graphic designer Florante del Castillo, Great job!, great attitude! and he came up with a wonderful header and logo for me. He is quick, he got me! He is responsive! I've just uploaded my next project, and i've requested Florante once more!. - I can't imagine trying to do business without the help of such a team! Incredible job - and thank you to Florante!
Elizabeth Tubbs
VH247 got off to a very shaky start and I was ready to pull the plug, mostly because of the deafening silence from management. But, Clarisse has gone above and beyond in terms of service and availability. She stayed working even though she was not on shift, provided a phone number for my VA to contact her, streamlined the communication and turned things completely around. 5 Stars for Clarisse. Sherry was assigned to do research on a number of projects we've got going and I was blown away (in other words very pleasantly surprised) with the depth and quality of the results she supplied (in quick time as well). She continues to surprise and delight me with the great results she delivers.....5 stars for Sherry Rhea has been assigned to do SEO and social media. I have a full time VA Project Manager who is quite knowledgeable but has often commented on the depth of knowledge and expertise Rhea possesses. I'm very happy with the ranking the videos, articles and various websites are getting. So again 5 stars for Rhea. All in all a big thanks to the staff members I've been connected with for the fantastic service they all continue to provide. Disappointing the 'management systems' leave a lot to be desired but I have nothing but praise for the staff we've been fortunate enough to have assigned to us.
Paul Godden
Jassie, who did my Data Entry..ROCKED!...Very, very pleased..I need to know who to contact so I can use her on my next project...please PM me..Thanks!
Tim Vasquez
I have studied Internet Marketing for 8+ years, (3 in school). And finally realize that the more you outsource the more "FREEDOM" you actually have my video creation guy is Awesome even though I have 7 or 8 video creation software products, but outsourcing my videos is AWESOME, he has really been like a breath of fresh air (Freedom for me),15 Excellent Videos!! (Just had to do a little editing but he was very Professional and Polite). I really appreciate his work. My Writer has also been really Good she wrote me 10 Press Releases, and Content Writing (Freedom for me), She is a very Nice Person and Very Talented. Which I appreciate. I plan to stay for awhile, for the reason that I rather outsource the video creation (I will syndicate with my video and content syndication software products) and the writing of content is a major time saver Another plus. (Which I will syndicate with my press release software and the content post on my sites, I just will add keywords on Title and Headlines and content etc). P.S. Virtual Helper 247 is very Kind and Courteous and always willing to help. A Major Major PLUS!! Charlie Gonzales, Marketing Director at American Plumbing Co San Diego Ca.
Charlie Gonzales
Hello All, I want to give a shout out to Michael Landas for a fantastic job redesigning my website. Very talented professional that treats clients with respect and courteous manners. Michael's attention to detail, directions and timely suggestions made the project a fun and productive endeavor. I look forward to working with him to complete this work phase and in the future on other projects. Well done!
Paul Johns
My virtual helper has done everything I asked. She was also very fast and showed initiative. I would recommend her to all mt business partners who need web work.
Melvin L Williams
Maurice was prompt and completed his book writing task professionally. Looking forward to continued projects
George Shepherd
Been using these guys for a little while now. Staff is excellent professional and quick. Rollan Villamor, Jason Casas and many others are great! Highly recommend.
Gene J Volpe
Michael produced some great logo options for a new project venture in a timely fashion. Great.
Nigel Evans
Just joined Virtual Helper 247. Posted 3 projects on Friday. One has already been completed by Denmark Amigo. Thanks for the great work Denmark.
Jai Venkat
Sittie - web developer did a superb job for me in loading content on to my wp site. Communication was excellent and quality of work was great too. Thank you.
Caz Lee
What a wonderful service. I have been with them for two days, and I've gotten more done that I have with all the outsourcers I hired from other platforms. They are really a one-stop shop. Giving a special shout out to Michael (graphic design) who did an awesome job with my logo.
Judith-Cari Allison Brandy
Sherry - Data entry has been doing a great job on my project. It took a little time to get my message across but now that I did, she is doing great. I like that she communicates and is pleasant to work with as well as understanding my business needs. Thanks Sherry! Also, Remibie is the best manager they have from my interactions. She is always there to communicate and get things moving if no one was assigned to my project. She seems to really care about the customer (me) and is the only one who responds when issue arise. This company is VERY lucky to have her!
Sandy Bobal-Zuniga
Great Job, Virtual Helper 247. Really enjoy the quality of work and professionalism of my current VAs with 247. Jassie and Mary was in charged of my current on-going project. Usually my past VAs would sneakily get away when there's lapse in communication and when they finish their work. Both Jassie and Mary was pro-active in letting me know when its about to happen. Also they are fast, efficient and friendly. Can't ask for more ;)
Samuel Chan
Only on my second month with VirtualHelper247 and so far so good. I have worked with Gerald - Data Entry a few times and not only is his work terrific, but fast! Thanks for the great work Gerald.
Brian Devine
I have used Virtual Helper 247 for 2 months and they exceeded my expectations in terms of time to complete tasks and the quality of work. The VAs and project managers are polite in their dealings. I would like to mention the great work done by Eloise Verona in searching for good posts for my social media and going out of her way to create landing and thank you pages using a new software. Now for Miguel. His work was of the highest quality I have seen and the time taken for the tasks was faster than I could give him instructions! He is highly knowledgeable and no job is hard for him even if it means going out of his way to find how to do it. I am really impressed with his work over these two months. Overall VH247 has been an great experience for me and I would be happy to come back again and would highly recommend it to others who would like VA kind of work to be done.
Kamalpreet Khorana
Thank you Eulie. Your video is just >>>Awesome<<< and it will contribute to helping so many children in Africa who so desperately need our help. For those who see this post, the video will be on the main page of the website very soon, so you can view for yourself the excellent work Eulie and VH247 have delivered... ahelpinghand dot org dot au. Many thanks, Sean
Sean Drayton
Mary worked with me to get my email accounts "under control" and did an excellent job. She worked quickly and efficiently cleaning up the account and getting me better organized.
Terry Loving
This is my first job that i have had done and Vincent has done a great job with the video that he has just completed. I especially was impressed with his no fuss and professional manner in how he went about his work and completing the project. I gave him instructions and specific tools to use in a fairly involved project to which he completed the work without any further instruction or supervision from me and this was especially impressive for me in comparison to other workers i have used in the past. I will be delegating more work for Vincent and can highly recommend his skill set, work, and no fuss attitude in working together. I am looking forward to working with Vincent on further projects.
Paul Samuel
Great service! I'm very happy with the Projects and the team. I would like to highlight Tiffany, Jordan and Arnel for their attention to detail and service. Thank you Virtual Helper 247! You have freed up my time so I can focus on what I do best - connect with people and create great content!
Jocelyn Gordon
We have been working with Virtual Helper 247 for a while now and they have provided excellent work. Krissel is my social media guru and she is AMAZING. She does a better job than I ever expected and is helping us to gain great results for our clients. Thank you for being so responsive! Paula
Paula Allen
This is my first month with Virtual Helper 247, and I want to let everyone know how happy I am with the work that Krizzia has been doing for me. She's responsive, diligent, understands just what I need - in short, she's absolutely wonderful. So happy that I came across this service.
Kate Benzin
I have appreciated using Virtual Helper. They have several departments and some are stronger than others. I assigned several projects at the very beginning and some were started right away and others not until the end of the month. I really appreciate those that got back to me quickly and tried to do their best. That would be Paula, Vincent, Zeus and Joseph. If you need projects done quickly start with that project, then add something later once you see that started. Other wise something of importance to you may not get started until later
Ronda Stepp
This five star review is specifically for Vincent, who has done excellent video editing work. He quickly accomplished the task when assigned, and has stayed in good communication. I definitely appreciate his professionalism, as not all helpers are this diligent. Plenty of improvement needed for the service as a whole, but I am grateful for Vincent and look forward to working with him again.
Lory Moore
I would like to say that Arnel is one of the best at what he does. He is extremely helpful and will do everything in order to get your problem solved. He worked on a site for me and months later went in when he did not have to and helped me get the site back up and running, he is awesome. If you need someone to do website work for you then Arnel is the man that you want working for you. Thanks for all you do Arnel. Steve
Steve Madigan

I am now in my second month with VH247 and things are working out well. I have had a number of different projects completed. First month is definitely about learning to understand how the guys/girls work, what timescales and workloads are realistic and what to actually expect back from your project specs etc.

That said there has been no major problems and everything has been very smooth. For anyone looking to try this service (or any VA service, or project for that matter) start with realistic expectations. Don't throw in a major project on day one if you have tight deadlines.

Give them a major project by all means but don't commit to deadlines that haven't been agreed. During the last few weeks...

Michael has created some great graphics for me. Interpreting what I needed brilliantly. rework has been almost zero. Angelo has redesigned one blog for me and created a couple more. Great daily comms and great looking sites.

Anna worked on some data gathering and did it perfectly and pretty quick. Again comms were spot on. Only one of 14 projects didn't go as well as I had hoped. Some articles took along time to complete. That said I was in no hurry for the articles and I did not request or ask for a delivery schedule. So that probably rests on me. All in all a very positive experience

Tony Marriott
I have had excellent help with my WP sites from Dexter...he's been diligent, thorough and helpful with all my tasks...the only reason I'm giving 4 stars is because I've had issues with other VAs in other areas but so far all the WP Development VAs have been excellent.
Jesse Millares
I must say Dan Lew has been very understanding and cooperated fully with me to design and build 5 separate websites over the past 3 months. Plus the design work by John Llorong has simply been outstanding!! Make sure you ask for John for your design work. More reviews to follow.
Randy Bett
There is a good learning curve on my side, and I am commited to it. The individual workers so far have been responsive, attentive and reliable. Very much enjoy the copy by Obaidul, with minimal tips to the cultural slant he was able to hit the message dead on. I wish for more support for customers in understanding how to structure projects and make the experience a win for everyone.
Andrea Schmitz