There are enough challenges to keep you busy when running your own online business, without having to worry about building a website and conducting site maintenance. When there are so many different complex skills and responsibilities that a good web developer must possess, it’s nigh on impossible for those running their own business to take on the challenges.

The job duties of a talented web designer/developer

There are an abundance of things that a dedicated website developer and designer needs to stay on top of, including (but not limited to):

  • A deep understanding of the user interface (UI), compatibility between browsers and devices, and web functions
  • Security principles and how to implement them to e-commerce platforms
  • Knowledge and understanding of programming language (HTML, JavaScript, CSS, etc.)
  • Design experience with services such as SOAP and the like
  • Good communication skills
  • … and definitely a whole lot more

Our aim is find you the perfect Virtual Assistant – and manage them!

When approaching a freelancing Virtual Assistant website, the issue is that you need to manage them directly. You may very well find yourself constantly chasing them up for the work you’ve commissioned them to do. The bottom line here is that it can generally be an unreliable service.

At Virtual Helper 24/7, upon matching you with the ideal candidate with appropriate experience, we also provide you with a manager who will take care of making sure you’re getting what you need from your Virtual Assistant on time, every time. We are proud to offer our clients our reputation as the VA website with a difference.

Skilled web developers are just a click away

If you’re looking to hire a skilled web developer to take care of your website design or maintenance, speak with us today. We offer month-to-month options, giving you the freedom to trial our service and see just how great it is. Click here to get started today!